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Self employed gardener and college lecturer

I volunteered as an assistant Beaver Leader to help my eldest son’s Colony. I knew very little about the Scouts but felt I could offer some support.


Before I knew where I was, my son had moved up to Cubs but I remained at Beavers as I really enjoyed it.

The support and training given to me has been excellent and I’m now fully trained.  Giving up my time to volunteer with children gave me a fantastic perspective on how kids tick and I believe I am a more patient parent.

I was unsure about putting my name down to help but I can happily say it’s been worth every minute.

Here's a list of some current volunteering roles we have at present....

Each week, we help 1000 young people in the local area develop the skills to succeed in life. But this can only happen thanks to our brilliant volunteers.


Volunteering is much easier than you think. Whether you can spare an hour a month or a day a year, we have lots of opportunities both behind the scenes and directly supporting children and young people. With full support and training, you can volunteer on a flexible basis to suit you.


Not only is volunteering with us incredibly rewarding and great fun, you’ll learn some brilliant skills transferable to the workplace and further education. We welcome volunteers from every community and background. You don’t even need to have been a Scout or have lit a fire!

You just need to believe in a more positive future and the difference we can make together.

Volunteer today and help us prepare more young people with Skills for Life.

See how volunteering for us can be rewarding, watch this short video


We don't press gang people!

You don’t have to commit now…

Take the four week challenge

Volunteer for just four weeks and be amazed at the difference you’ll make.

                  Week 1 See what we get up to

                  Week 2 Start to help out

                  Week 3 Get a little more involved 

                  Week 4 You’ll know if Scouting is for you

We have a wide range of flexible roles either supporting young people or behind the scenes.

Any help is truly amazing.


Director of Engineering

I volunteered for Scouting so I could get my child a place in Beavers as there was a long waiting list. I started off as a parent helper, helping with activities and running events. I was a Cub myself many (many) years ago and have fond memories of Cub camp, and doing actives like map reading and rafting.


I enjoy getting outside and away from the noise of the computers, phone and electronics; the best thing is going to the woods and enjoying a campfire and cooking (not burning!) some food. We are now a Scouting family, both kids are in Cubs and Scouts and my wife also helps with Cubs and we are both still enjoying it.


My work is pretty good about getting off a bit earlier for cubs as we start at 5:45, a lot of colleagues were Scouts or Girl Guides at some point so they can relate to it. Scouting is a rewarding experience, especially if your children are involved, the parent and child camping weekends are a great bonding event. Give it  a go, better that sitting in traffic dropping off and collecting, I guarantee it!


Senior Scientist

So why did I, a full time working Mum, volunteer to be a Scout Leader?

My children benefit so much from Scouting. Scouting opens their eyes to new experiences, they learn independent thinking and team work – all with a dash of adventure thrown in!

It is a real privilege watching children develop in confidence whilst having fun with their friends. Before you realise you are travelling that journey with them.

As a senior scientist I have managerial and research experience. Scouting has taught me to not only think outside the box but think it, make it and use it for something exciting.

You receive training and have access to a huge planning resource. Then make your version even better!

Meet some of our local volunteers

What to find out more?

Give us a call Maureen on 07542 131980 or hit the button!


Chartered Accountant

Like many leaders, I started volunteering at Beaver Scouts five years ago when our elder son joined. Over the years I oscillated between full-time and part-time volunteering to fit in with our family life and 2 children.


For me, the main driver was to try and offer today’s generation of children some good old fashioned outdoor fun we used to enjoy (I was a Scout myself when growing up in mainland Europe) and the greatest satisfaction comes from a fun meeting that everyone enjoyed.


In this age of everything electronic, spending an afternoon in the woods cooking bread on fire is a great outlet for kids and us volunteers alike, and this is clearly evidenced by the regular attendance and long waiting lists.

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