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1st Sawbridgeworth Scout Group

About us

This group has its new modern centre on the north east side of Sawbridgworth. It is one of the largest Groups in the District and draws the bulk of it members from Sawbridgeworth and surrounding areas.


The Group is central to the life of the town and has strong community ties. It offers the full range of Scouting provision form 6 to 14 years of age with current numbers in excess of 200. One of the local Explorer Scout Units for 14 to 18 year olds also meets at these premises.





CM21 9DT


Location map

Sections and Contact

Beaver Colony (Manitoba)

Friday 5.15pm–6.15pm


Beaver Colony (Ottowa)

Wednesday 5.15pm–6.15pm


Beaver Colony (Winnepeg)

Monday 5.15pm–6.15pm


Cub Pack (Blackfoot)

Wednesday 6.30pm–8.00pm


Cub Pack (Cheyenne)

Friday 6.30pm–8.00pm


Cub Pack (Mohawk) 

Monday 6.30pm–8.00pm


Scout Troop (Challenger)

Thursday 7.30pm–9.15pm


Scout Troop (Discovery)

Tuesday 7.00pm– 8.45pm




For Information and waiting list to join click button below

Nick Jones (Group Scout Leader)

Find out where this and other groups in the district are by location here 


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