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Financial Support for National Governing Body Award and Scouting Adventurous  Activities


In order for us to continue to provide adventurous activities for the Scouts in Bishop's Stortford we need to ensure that we have an adequate number of permitted leaders in the activities.


In the majority of cases to obtain a Scout Permit under the Scout Permit Scheme the easiest route and most desirable route is for people to gain a national governing body (NBG) award in the desired activity. In some circumstances where an additional assessment is carried out other courses may be appropriate as well.  

To support this the District Exec are willing to offer a level of financial support to individuals. But in return need a commitment over time from those adults to support adventurous activities in the District.  

Specific areas of awards and training are as follows, but others may be relevant as well:


  • Hill Walking (including Mountaineering Courses at Lochearnhead)  

  • Sailing  

  • Paddlesports 

  • Archery  

  • Safety Boat Training 

If at all possible sponsorship will be directed to Hertfordshire Scout courses.

Qualifications for financial Support

  1. Have had a full Scout adult appointment for a minimum of 1 year.

  2. Be able to demonstrate a level of competency in the chosen activity and provide a logbook of your experience.

  3. Be able to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the activity as well as Scouting in Bishop's Stortford.  

  4. Have the sponsorship of either one of the District Executive team or GSLs within the District.  

  5. Lead in at least two appropriate activities per year for three years. If this is not  committed to then the adult will be asked to pay back all or a portion of the financial support. 


Applicants need to take the initiative in applying for sponsorship and should make a request in writing, with details of the supporting GSL or District exec team member. 

Include the details of the course, company/provider, full cost and date(s). Along with a logbook of your current experience and how you would use the qualification in the District.

Please email the ADC activities with the information above -


Applications must be made prior to the applicant applying for the course, the application needs to be approved at the next District executive meeting before you undertake the course - these meetings happen every 3 months so please apply as soon as possible. 

If you have a shorter deadline, please contact the ADC on the email address above. 

Amount of Sponsorship  

Whilst the amount of sponsorship is not set at a current level, it will normally be no more than 50% of any course fee. Sponsorship does not extend to members gaining their own experience and is limited to courses and assessments only.


Payment of any sponsorship will be made after the course or assessment on presentation of a course attendance certificate.

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